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AutoCAD Material Editor

AutoCAD 3D Book Material Mapping

Materials in AutoCAD is very important when you want to create realistic object. With this AutoCAD tutorial, you can learn how to mapping material on object by using UCS, scale material, and material editor.


00:15 On top view make rectangle object

00:21 Use 3Dorbit for a better view

00:27 Extrude an object into 3D solid. You also can use zoom out and zoom in with wheel mouse

00:35 Extrude on face, Type ext enter, hold ctrl button and select face

00:40 Combine all objects by using union command

00:46 Now open material browser. Clik on render tab and choose material browser

00:50 Righ click in global material and duplicate

00:54 Click material global(1), choose your image, dont forget to change realistic view. Use this steps for the others material

01:38 Change into left view, and rotate an object

01:45 Now copy the object by using copy command and use rotate command to rotate an object

02:32 Select objects, right click and choose hide objects

02:39 Hold on ctrl and click on face. Right click on material and assign to selection. You will see material aready apply to face object

02:46 To editing material, click on material mapping, select the face and then use arrow mark in the corner to make a better view. For the side face, use the same step. Dont forget to change scale sample saze if its look bigger or smaller

05:44 Right click, isolate, click end object isolation. Next hide the other one

05:52 Change ucs position by using ucs command. Now you can apply material same as the left one