AutoCAD How To Scale

To scale object in AutoCAD you can use scale command by default (specify by number like 2 to scale object twice or 0.5 to scale half) or by reference.

AutoCAD How To Scale by default

– Type sc or scale (enter)
– Select object to scale (enter)
– Click anywhere to specify base point
– If you want to resize twice, type 2 (enter)
– Now object will be more bigger

To scale by reference you can follow this steps

– For example we use rectangle and circle object to scale reference with line (length 20)
– Type sc (enter)
– Select object to scale (enter)
– Specify base point (select line endpoint 1)
– Type R (enter), select side of rectangle (first point and second point)
– Then click on line endpoint 2)
– So the object will be has length 20

Video Tutorial

YouTube video

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