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AutoCAD Flip and Visibility

AutoCAD Dynamic Block Flip and Visibility

This AutoCAD tutorial is show you how to make dynamic block with using flip and visibility options. As we know, dynamic block is very useful to faster drafting with AutoCAD application.

Level: Beginner
Dimensions: Freestyle
Focus: Create your own dynamic block


00:00 Use top view

00:17 Type l enter, draw an object. you can zoom in and zoom out with wheel mouse

00:30 Duplicate the object by using mirror command

00:38 Draw line with line command

00:43 Rotate the line with rotate command

00:47 Zoom in, zoom out and pan to make a better view

00:50 Create circle object by using circle command

00:55 You can cut the circle object by using trim command. Type trim, enter 2x, and select the object.

01:05 Type co enter, select line and move to the left

01:11 Type l enter, connect below and upper of the line object

01:18 Select the arc object and move the blue mark to the left

01:26 Type group enter and select all object

01:33 Type co enter, select the object and move to the right

01:39 Type scale enter, select the last object and give point 0.5

01:49 Type block enter, block definiton will appear

01:53 Put the name, pick point and specify on-screen of block. Click ok button

02:16 Click 2x on block object, edit block definition box will appear. Click ok button

02:28 In parameter tab, click flip, select point to horizontal in the bottom of object and move the arrows to the center

02:43 Click flip again, and select point to vertical from the left of the object. Move arrow to the center. Repeat this steps for the other object

03:18 Click on the Actions tab, and click Flip. Select the arrow and then select the object. Repeat this steps to the next arrow.

03:51 Close block editor and save

03:56 Select the block and you will see arrows. Click on arrow to see if dynamic block working

04:19 Click 2x on block, and click ok button

04:26 Click parameter tab, click visibility and put on the center

04:32 Click visibility status, and will appear visibility status bar. Create new visibility and give a name as you wish. You also can change the last visibility status name. Click ok button

04:56 I give 2 name: small and large. On small status, select the large object and then click bvhide

05:04 Change status to large, select small object and click bvhide

05:21 Type ds enter, drafting settings dialog box appear. On dynamic input tab, turn off enable pointer input and possible dimension input when possible. Click ok button

05:29 Type m enter, select small object, click the point on the right bottom and move to coordinate 0,0

05:45 Close box editor and save.

05:50 Test your dynamic block