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AutoCAD Revolve

AutoCAD 3D Simple Laher Part

This AutoCAD tutorial is show you how to learn 3d modeling making laher part. First you need to create 2d object and then using revolve command to convert into 3d object. Check it out!!!

Level: Beginner
Dimension: Freestyle
Focus: Revolve command


00:16 On top view with line command, make 2 objects line vertical (15) and horizontal (20)

00:30 Move horizontal line by using move command from the center into top vertical line

00:36 Use copy command to copy horizontal object to the top with size 5

00:43 Use pan and zoom to make a better view. Now create vertical line with size 50 from center to the top.

00:53 Zoom extent the objects

00:56 Copy vertical object to the right and left with size 3

01:06 Use pan to get a better view. Drawing line object with size 40 on the left

01:14 Copy horizontal line to the top with size 5

01:17 With copy command, copy two horizontal lines to the top of line objects

01:25 Connect the left and right of lines object with line command. You also can use the same steps to connect the bottom object

01:39 Cut unused line object with trim command. To fastest trimming, type trim enter 2x and select the object

01:48 Make rounded corner with fillet command with radius size 2

02:00 Now time to connect all line and arc object by using join command

02:07 Zoom extent or all

02:12 The final steps is using revolve command to convert object into 3D model