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AutoCAD Sweep

AutoCAD Hangers Basic Ttr and Sweep

This AutoCAD tutorial is show you how to make simple 3D hangers to learn more about circle ttr (tan tan radius) and also sweep command.

Level: Beginner
Dimensions: Free style
Focus commands: Circle and Sweep

  • First on front view, draw circle by using circle command

AutoCAD Hanger Circle

  • Use line command to make neck and body of hangers

AutoCAD hanger body

  • After it use mirror command to duplicate the last line object

AutoCAD Hanger Mirror

  • Use arc command to make arch below the hanger body, and delete line object

AutoCAD Hanger Arc

  • Now on hanger neck, use circle ttr command

AutoCAD hanger ttr

  • And the trim it

AutoCAD hanger trim

  • Also use these steps for the body

AutoCAD hanger circle ttr

  • Duplicate hanger body by using mirror command

AutoCAD Hanger Body Mirror

  • Change into top view and then use orbit to make better view

AutoCAD Hanger Top View

  • Next, use join command to convert into polyline object

AutoCAD Hanger Join

  • Draw circle on hangers head

AutoCAD Hanger Head Circle

  • Final steps, use sweep command to convert 2D hanger into 3D model

AutoCAD Hanger Sweep

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