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Dimensions 3D Object

Dimensions On AutoCAD 3D Object

This AutoCAD tutorial is show you how to give dimensions on 3d object. You can learn how to use ucs command to change X, Y and Z position. Check it out!!!

Level: Beginner
Dimension: Freestyle
Focus: Learn use UCS command


00:16 On top view, use rec command to make rectangle object

00:23 Use circle command and draw circle in the right of the object

00:26 You can use 3DOrbit command to make a better view

00:30 Type ext enter, click on rectangle and extrude. Use this steps to extrude circle object

00:38 Type uni enter, select all objects to combine

00:50 To create dimensions in 3D object, we need to use UCS command. Type ucs enter, speciry x and y axis. Use this steps to draw dimensions in different face or edge