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SPL Command

Understanding AutoCAD Spline Command

In AutoCAD, spline command is used to create one or more curve concordant which is defined by points sequence with tangent components curve and external points. You also can create smooth object than using line command.

Command: SPL
Current settings: Method=Fit   Knots=Chord
Specify first point or [Method/Knots/Object]:
Enter next point or [start Tangency/toLerance]:

Example how to use spline command

  • Type spl (enter)

AutoCAD Spline Command

  • Specify first point: click anywhere on drawing area

AutoCAD Spline Command First Point

  • Specify next point: point 2

AutoCAD Spline Command Next Point P2

  • Specify next point: point 3

AutoCAD Spline Command Next Point P3

  • Press enter to end the command