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Understanding AutoCAD Line Command

In AutoCAD, Line command is a command that is used to form a line or sequence of connected lines, and each of these lines can be manipulated.

For example:

  • Type l (enter)

AutoCAD Typing Line

  • Specify first point (click anywhere on drawing window)
  • Move cursor into right until you see dotted line

AutoCAD Line Command First Point

  • Give line size 30 (enter)

AutoCAD Line Command Second Point

  • Move again cursor to bottom until you see dotted line
  • Give line size 10 (enter)

AutoCAD Line Command Third Point

  • Enter again to close command

Draw line with coordinate

To draw line with coordinate, you need to turn off “enable pointer input” and “enable dimension input where possible”.

  • Type ds (enter)

AutoCAD DS command

  • Drafting settings dialog box appear

AutoCAD Drafting Settings Dialog Box

  • Click on dynamic input tab. Turn off “enable pointer input” and “enable dimension input where possible”. Click ok.

AutoCAD Dynamic Input

  • Type l (enter)

AutoCAD Line Command1

  • Input your coordinate system, like:

AutoCAD Line Command Coordinate

  • 0,0 (enter)
  • 0,10 (enter)
  • 10,10 (enter)

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